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Searching for some useful info on high-grade ballistic eyewear over the internet? It ends right here. In essence, ballistic rated Wiley X Safety Glasses are military graded. In simple words, these glasses are strong enough to stop a bullet from penetrating the lens’ surface. This is a staple requirement for people serving in the army in harsh conditions that involve instances of shooting bullets in combat. However, military graded glasses aren’t meant to be worn in situations involving only bullets, one could always choose a higher level of safety assurance for their eyes, which is always a healthy investment.  

Top Wiley X Shooting Glasses

As compared to regular ANSI rated protective glasses, ballistic rated ones are stricter in terms of being impact resistant. You can check if eyewear is military graded by checking for a MIL-PRF-32432 rating & require some tests to qualify themselves as APEL or Authorized Protective List. By contrast, ANSI rated glasses don’t have to pass tests to be certified as APEL.

To help choose the right eyewear that suits your needs, we’ve listed out some of the best Wiley X Safety Glasses that are ballistic rated.

  • Wiley X Saint

These glasses were famously worn in ‘The American Sniper’ by Bradley Cooper. Owing to its exquisite design, Wiley X Saint gives you the best of sporty looks & shatterproof protection even in the most unforgiving circumstances. It has everything that you require from a high-quality military graded glasses.

First, you get polarized green lenses for a glare-free view, especially when your eyes really need them when spending time outdoors in the sun. Another important feature regarding the fit is the double-coated temples that provide a nonslip grip regardless of the angle you keep your head at. Moreover, the rubberized nose piece provides an excellent anchor on your face to keep your glasses in position.


  • Wiley X Valor

Wiley X Valor is a great option that could be a great addition to your eyewear wardrobe. For people leading an active life outdoors, these safety glasses will keep your eyes protected against any unforeseen hazards. For the sake of optical acuity, Wiley X lets you add prescription lenses as well. You can even add your chosen lens tint to let you enjoy the best of glare reduction

The most striking thing about Wiley X Valor is the option it offers to let you sport these glasses with a variety of outfits. With smoke grey lenses, there’s no way that you’ll experience any discomfort of any sort because of the low levels of light transmission to reduce glare & experience a 100% protection against UV A & B types of rays.

Similar to other tactical eyewear by Wiley X Valor comes with three distinct types of lens coating for a superior optical experience. For instance, the anti-reflective coating allows enhances the ability of the lens to transmit light through it without compromising on glare reduction. This works great in low light conditions such as during dusk or dawn.  


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